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Hi! My name is Sarah Johnson. I’m a 27 year old Los Angeles native, but my family is from Belize. I’m teacher by day, a writer at night and I love playing with balloons and creating different designs in my free time. I enjoy working with balloons so much, I decided to start the business Light Heart Balloons. There are a few artist in my family and I wondered if the artistic gene had passed me. When I got started in balloons I knew it had not, and my artistic gene was finally shining. The name came about from my approach to life, I strive to be light and to do everything with love. I am dedicated to creating something that meets and exceeds expectation. Balloons can liven up any space; they add color and demension. We can create designs that can hang, with lights, 2-D and 3-D designs, the possibilities are endless! Not only do we offer balloon walls, garlands, arches, frames, and mounds, but we can provide equipment for a backdrop if necessary. We take care of setup and can even come back to disassemble as well. Our goal is to make your event as beautiful and enjoyable as possible. I guarantee you’ll get questions for days and weeks about the decorations!


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